What CAPS’ management fee?
The fee is 10%.

What is CAPS’ rehab philosophy?
We focus on making the property mechanically sound, tenant proof, and cosmetically appealing.

Why buy in Northwest Indiana?
Please visit ‘Our Company’ page then click Why Indiana? tab.

What does the term “Turnkey” mean?
“Turnkey” means that CAPS will acquire the property, rehab it, place a tenant, and manage it for the investor.

If I purchase a turnkey property, what monthly expenses should I plan for?
The monthly expenses would be the mortgage payment, 10% management fee, property insurance, property taxes, deferred maintenance and vacancy (generally 5-10% of the monthly rent).

What is an expected rate of return on my investment?
As with most investments, there are many variables and no guarantees. We feel that a monthly cash flow of over $300 and rate of return of approximately 15% is generally achievable.

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