Is Property Management all you do?

No! Our focus is not solely property management. We also offer many other services such as property maintenance, rehab, lawn mowing, and investment opportunities!

How much does it cost to manage my property?

We charge a management fee of 10% of all collected rent. We charge a tenant placement fee of $500. General maintenance is $25/hr.

What benefit do I receive from this management fee expense?

This fee is charged as payment for tenant communication, rent collection, maintenance scheduling, property inspections, monthly accounting and reporting.

Will my property be your priority?

Yes! C.A.P.S. is an independent fee-based company. Since we do not own anything we manage, your property will receive unbiased attention with no risk of preferential treatment to other properties in our portfolio. Also, our paycheck is determined by the amount of rent that we can collect. If your unit is not generating rental income, we are not getting paid.

Why shouldn’t I manage my own property?

Can you put a single mom and her two kids on the street if they owe you $1,000 in rent? I can. And you won’t even know about it.